Vince McMahon considering son Shane McMahon as the new head of WWE RAW (Exclusive)

Vince McMahon and his son Shane haven
Vince McMahon and his son Shane haven't always seen eye-to-eye
Alex McCarthy
Modified 22 Aug 2020

It's no secret that Vince McMahon has been looking for a fix to RAW's recent decline in ratings.

The very week after, Shane McMahon debuted a daring concept on Monday nights - and one Josh Barnett and GCW has crafted far better called Bloodsport, to be frank - called RAW Underground.

Fans hadn't seen Shane since he lost to Kevin Owens on SmackDown's debut night on FOX and while he doesn't retain any WWE stock anymore, he's been more influential behind the scenes than most fans realise.

It's well-known that Shane played a key role in helping put together the very successful men's Royal Rumble this year alongside Paul Heyman and, for his part, Brock Lesnar.

Shane had also been sitting alongside his father Vince McMahon in the Gorilla Position at most main roster shows prior to the pandemic hitting and the shows moving to the Performance Center. He has been helping produce shows and pitching in his ideas as well.

The RAW Underground concept derives from crossover ideas Shane has had for years, bordering on a decade. He implored his father to purchase UFC and other MMA promotions back in 2009, but Vince McMahon didn't like the idea.

Shane McMahon has been fronting his new idea RAW Underground
Shane McMahon has been fronting his new idea RAW Underground

Now, one source in WWE has told me Shane is being considered to take RAW off Bruce Prichard's hands leaving him to concentrate on SmackDown.

Other sources that I've posed this information couldn't give concrete confirmation, though judging by work behind the scenes, they can believe it. Another layer to the story is Prichard making no secret about the fact he'd like to lighten his workload and he's been struggling with the long hours.

Shane has worked far better with Vince during his second spell with the company.Β 

It's no longer a given that Triple H will inherit the throne

Of course, he took a seven-year sabbatical from the company to prove himself as a businessman out of his father's shadow, but he has found an influential role backstage in the past 12 months.

While he was gone, it was believed that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon had ascended above Shane and were heirs to the proverbial throne. However, with Triple H's changing job roles which may or may not have a greater meaning, that's not thought to be a given anymore.

Published 20 Aug 2020
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