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WWE News: Vince McMahon injury update

Gokul Nair
1.44K   //    15 Oct 2016, 11:00 IST
McMahon tore his quad while working out. 

According to backstage officials, Vince McMahon returned to work during the October 3rd edition of Monday Night Raw after being out since mid-September due to a quad tear. He has been known to no-sell being hurt or sick in the past and according to reports he wasn’t even using crutches.

Dave Meltzer noted in his Wrestling Observer Newsletter  that McMahon had a big brace on this leg. It can be deduced that he hasn’t fully recovered from the injury since he wasn’t walking all that well.

Apparently, Vince McMahon tore his quad while doing squats as a part of his training schedule. The cause of the tear is rumoured to be the heavy amount of weight that he was squatting. He had immediate surgery following the injury and took a month off to recover.

It is said that McMahon wanted the injury to be kept under wraps despite the announcement on before RAW began. During his time off McMahon has been very vocal about his feelings towards the running of the shows, as previously reported.

McMahon was really unhappy with the 26th September edition of RAW which drew it’s lowest ever rating at 1.75 due to the clash with The Presidential Debate which was viewed by over 80 million people.

Despite allegations that McMahon might slow down after this injury, that doesn’t seem to be the case currently as he was back to his office just a day after his surgery which shows the dedication he has towards his work. I don't like to sleep. I'm missing something when I'm sleeping”

This injury wasn’t the first time that the 71-year-old McMahon had injured his quads. During the 2005 Royal Rumble after a screwed finish by John Cena and Batista, The Boss had to make an unplanned appearance during which he tore both his quads while hurriedly sliding into the ring.

After the incident, McMahon admitted that the injury had occurred because he had not warmed up and he rushed through it.

A moment of utter chaos.

McMahon’s love towards fitness and working out is well known since his early days and apart from that he has also graced the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine twice in 2006 and in 2015 as well.

McMahon has admitted to using steroids before but he believes that his physique is due to the results of his rigorous workouts. McMahon is expected to be fully fit in a couple of weeks and we can expect him do his signature strut soon. Get well soon Mr. McMahon!

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