Vince McMahon stopped WWE legend from doing comedy as he wanted fans to take him seriously

Vince McMahon wanted a legend to adopt a more serious character
Vince McMahon wanted a legend to adopt a more serious character
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Nishant Jayaram

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle loved the comedy segments that he was in and would've liked to have done more of it in the company if Vince McMahon had allowed him to.

Angle made his WWE debut in 1999 and was quickly turned into a heel in the company. He had some memorable comedic sketches, especially during the Attitude Era, with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Vince McMahon and The Rock, to name a few.

In a recent Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Kurt Angle stated that he enjoyed being in comedic sketches, but McMahon stopped him from doing it as he wanted the fans to take him seriously.

"I loved the comedy. I would have kept doing it if Vince McMahon didn't stop me. Vince wanted the fans to take me more seriously so I had to cut out my comedy and that's when I became 'The Wrestling Machine'. But, I loved doing the comedy, it was a lot of fun. I couldn't wait to come to work every week and do what I was doing. It was a blast, especially doing the skits with Stone Cold Steve Austin," said Angle. [From 25:18 to 30:16]


Angle credited former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz for the fantastic comedy sketches that he was in, and said that he and Gewirtz had great chemistry which helped in the comedic elements of his character.

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle on his legacy

On the same podcast, Angle was asked about his legacy in pro wrestling. The Hall of Famer said he feels that he's one of the best overall entertainers in the history of the business.

"I think that I'm up there in the top five as being one of the best overall entertainers and wrestlers of all time. I've proven myself in the ring, I've proven myself on the microphone, I've done some really funny skits, I've been a badass, The Wrestling Machine. I've been a lot of different characters and very proud of my career," said Angle. [From 24:38 to 25:00]

Angle feels his accomplishments in the pro wrestling business deserve a lot of respect. The Olympic gold medalist is regarded as one of the greatest in-ring performers, while his comedic timing was exceptional.

If you use any of the above quotes, please credit Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling and H/T Sportskeeda for the transcription.

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