"This was too far" - Vince McMahon was unhappy with WWE legend and his iconic moment

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon felt that the Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Mankind went "too far" after the latter was thrown off the top of the cage.

At the King of the Ring pay-per-view in 1998, Mankind and The Undertaker faced off just before the final match of the night. In one of WWE’s most iconic moments, The Undertaker threw Mankind off the top of the structure.

Later in the match, he also went through the top of the cell after being chokeslammed by The Undertaker. The Phenom then landed the Tombstone Piledriver to get the win.

Vince McMahon and several other WWE personalities talked about that match on Mick Foley's A&E documentary. The WWE Chairman, who appeared ringside after Foley was thrown from the top, said that he was "freaked out" by the spot.

“Everyone was freaked out, including me. This was too far. This was like, wait a minute. You've set yourself on fire in Japan or whatever he did, but this was moreover on my watch," said Vince McMahon. (H/T Fightful)

The Undertaker, on the same show, said he initially dismissed Foley's idea of being thrown off the cell. Foley was adamant about wanting to be thrown off the cell and asked The Phenom for two weeks to do the spot.

Vince McMahon wasn't a fan of Mick Foley

Before signing with WWE, Foley was a part of ECW and WCW. Vince McMahon was not a fan of the future Hall of Famer and felt that he would never hire him to WWE.

"Mick always had that connection with the audience and I never really saw [that] before he came here. I thought, ‘Boy, We’re never going to hire that guy,’ but he did. He had that connection and very few people have that,” said Vince McMahon.

Foley eventually signed with WWE and went on to become one of the company's icons.

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