"He really wants to have a match with me" - Wade Barrett comments on possibly returning to the ring to face young star

Wade Barrett
Wade Barrett
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Wade Barrett left WWE in 2016 because he let his contract run out after he decided to take a break from wrestling. Barrett tried his hand at acting and since then, Barrett has worked for different wrestling promotions. But he hasn't competed in a wrestling match since April 2016.

He returned to WWE in August last year when he joined the broadcast team for NXT. He has proven to be an integral part of the crew, as he has brought a heel-ish flavor to the dynamic.

Still, fans and wrestlers alike want to see the former Intercontinental Champion return to the squared circle. In a recent interview with WWE India, Wade Barrett revealed that NXT's Austin Theory has been keen on bringing Barrett back to the ring:

"I'm old these days, alright. I'm old, I'm beat up, I feel like I had a pretty good run and I got out of it just about in one piece." Wade Barrett said. "I have a great gig at the moment, this is probably my favorite ever gig or job I have had in my entire life including all the things I did in the ring. I love commentating for NXT, really excited to do that, so I wouldn't wanna move that to one side at all. However, with that being said, Austin Theory is somebody who's constantly kind of giving me a little nudge here and there, talking about me getting back in the ring."
"He really wants to have a match with me," Barrett continued. "He's asked me several times now. He's a hell of a talent so I think he's gonna go a long way. He might be a little too young and too quick for me but maybe someone like an Austin Theory could tempt me back."

Wade Barrett debuted on the main roster as part of The Nexus

The Nexus attacks John Cena
The Nexus attacks John Cena

The first season of NXT was vastly different from what it is now. It was a mix of a wrestling program and a reality show which featured "rookies" from FCW hoping to get a spot on the main roster.

Wade Barrett won the first season, but he then led the rest of the rookies in an attack on the main roster over the next few months. The new faction was called Nexus, and its primary mission was to wreak havoc on WWE Superstars.

However, eventualy the faction broke up, and the competitors went their own ways.

Wade Barrett saw a bit of success in WWE later on, as he won the King of the Ring tournament and even the Intercontinental Championship. But he was never able to win a world championship during his time in WWE.

Do you think Wade Barrett will return to the ring for one last run? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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