"Wasn't going to chew your head off like her father" - Veteran comments on Vince and Stephanie McMahon (Exclusive)

Vince and Stephanie McMahon are two of wrestling
Vince and Stephanie McMahon are two of wrestling's greatest minds

Wrestling veteran Bill Apter recently compared Vince to Stephanie McMahon, saying the former was much more charming than her father.

Vince and Stephanie are two of the most powerful personalities in wrestling history. While it looked like the 77-year-old would stay retired, with Stephanie McMahon continuing to serve as the Chairwoman, things have drastically changed recently. With Vince McMahon making his way back into WWE as its Executive Chairman, Stephanie stepped down as the co-CEO and Chairwoman.

Bill Apter recently spoke on Sportskeeda Wrestling's The Wrestling Time Machine hosted by noted podcaster Mac Davis. Apter pointed out how the former WWE Women's Champion was a charming personality. He explained that unlike her father, Vince McMahon, Stephanie was public-friendly.

"She's very charming on the camera. She did many things to help charities and women through the company. She always had that charming personality that Vince never showed to the public, that he may show to his grandchildren and stuff like that. But I saw Vince backstage; he was charming at times," said Bill Apter.

The veteran journalist also said that though some claimed Stephanie was hard to deal with, he only saw her treat her co-workers with immense respect.

"Stephanie, some of the people who worked with her said she was very hard to deal with, but I never saw that. Any time I saw her at the shows, she was extremely giving to the people she was working with; she was business-like. But you knew she wasn't going to chew your head off like her father might," added Bill Apter. (12:31 - 13:18)

Listen to the full podcast below:

Bill Apter on Linda and Stephanie McMahon

Elsewhere in the conversation, Bill Apter revealed how Stephanie's mother, Linda McMahon, was charming in her own right. Apter added that Stephanie McMahon had inherited a lot of her mother's personality and charm.

"Linda, when she wanted to, could put on that Southern charm. She had that great Southern charm about herself. I was in her office many times, discussing maybe the possibility of becoming an editor of their magazine. She was business-like, but she wasn't scary business-like. I think Stephanie inherited more of her mother's business and charm than her dad," said Bill Apter. (14:08 - 14:42)
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Considering how shocking and unexpected her resignation was, it remains to be seen if Stephanie McMahon ever returns to WWE again.

What do you make of Bill Apter's thoughts on Stephanie and Vince McMahon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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