"Wasted," "Nooo" - Fans in disbelief as another top name is released minutes before WWE SmackDown

The star is no longer a part of WWE
The star is no longer a part of WWE.

WWE has been going through an enormous change. Since the merger went through, things have transformed completely. Multiple WWE Superstars have been released from the company since, as well as employees, with the budget cuts going through. Now, minutes before SmackDown, another top name was let go - Matt Riddle.

Riddle's run was full of controversy. Besides his past issues, things worsened when he recently threw out assault allegations. When different accounts of the incident emerged, things only worsened, and he was taken off TV and live events with ongoing investigations.

With the star disappearing from television, fans feared the worst, and minutes before this week's episode of SmackDown, those fears came true. The star confirmed on Twitter that he was no longer associated with WWE.

Fans immediately took to Instagram and Twitter to let Riddle know what they thought of him. Most were disappointed, and some talked about his run in the company being wasted.

Meanwhile, others couldn't believe what had happened with Riddle being released. With the star being free, some felt he should also head elsewhere. Others also wished him well in whatever he chose to do next.

Fans flocked to the comments to wish Matt Riddle the best
Fans flocked to the comments to wish Matt Riddle the best

At this time, it's not clear what Riddle will do in the future, but fans will be waiting to see the next step in his career.

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