Watch: A maskless Rey Mysterio spotted dancing at Andrade and Charlotte's wedding

Rey Mysterio backstage in WWE (left); Andrade and Charlotte Flair (right)
Rey Mysterio backstage in WWE (left); Andrade and Charlotte Flair (right)
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Abhilash Mendhe

WWE legend Rey Mysterio was seen dancing without his mask in new footage from Andrade El Idolo and Charlotte Flair's wedding.

Longtime partners Andrade El Idolo and Charlotte Flair recently tied the knot in a lavish wedding. In addition to family and close friends, several popular wrestling personalities attended the ceremony. WWE veteran Rey Mysterio also attended the wedding with his family.

A video is currently making the rounds in which Mysterio is spotted dancing with his wife, Angie. Mysterio didn't have his mask on in the clip:

Rey Mysterio is still actively wrestling at the age of 47

The Master of the 619 is still going strong on WWE's main roster, two decades after his WWE debut in 2002. At WrestleMania 38, he and his son Dominik lost to The Miz and Logan Paul in a buzzworthy tag team bout. The father-son duo also competed on the May 29, 2022, edition of RAW. They joined forces with Ezekiel and defeated Chad Gable, Kevin Owens, and Otis in a six-man tag team match.

Rey once shared an interesting tidbit from when he debuted in WWE in 2002. Back then, his in-ring gear didn't consist of a mask. But WWE Chairman Vince McMahon wanted the former WCW star to bring back his mask, and the rest is history:

"Prior to coming to WWE, I was in OVW training, which was a week prior to my debut, and the office wanted to see the gear I wanted to use," said Rey. "When I showed it to them, I had no mask. They were like, ‘Where is the mask?’ ‘Well, I lost the mask.’ In Lucha Libre, if you lose the mask, you never put it back on. They were like, ‘No, Vince wants you to come back with the mask.’"

Rey Mysterio has been one of the most valuable assets to WWE over the past 20 years. His iconic mask has been an integral part of his identity, and it's always fascinating to see him without it on.

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