[WATCH] Hornswoggle hits Stone Cold Stunner on former WWE US Champion

How would Austin react to the clip?
How would Austin react to the clip?

Former WWE Superstar Hornswoggle hit a thunderous Stone Cold Stunner on Matt Cardona at last night's Absolute Intense Wrestling DAMN! event.

It's been about three years since Matt Cardona (FKA Zack Ryder) was released by WWE. Over the past three years, he has firmly established himself as quite possibly the biggest name on the independent scene today. The former WWE Superstar deservingly refers to himself as The Indy God.

Absolute Intense Wrestling presented a wrestling event called DAMN! last night. The card featured an Absolute title match pitting Matt Cardona against Joshua Bishop. At one point during the contest, Hornswoggle came out and hit a sneaky low blow on an unsuspecting Cardona. He then followed it up with a massive Stone Cold Stunner. Check out the clip below:

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Matt Cardona once pitched to have Hornswoggle as his sidekick on WWE TV

The two in-ring veterans and real-life friends were mainstays on WWE TV back in the day. During his run with WWE, Matt Cardona once pitched an idea that would have seen him being paired with the 4′ 5″ star. Here's an excerpt from his pitch that never saw the light of day:

"Later in the show, or the next week, I approach the Divas again and explain how I found my new Broski. The divas look disgusted, and the camera pans down to reveal Hornswoggle. He is clean shaven, hair spiked, wearing a headband, and wearing sunglasses. The divas storm off. I have found my new Broski… Mini Broski. In the following weeks, I can teach Hornswoggle how to talk, he can help me win matches, and we will ENTERTAIN. Thanks for reading."

Matt Cardona somehow managed to retain his title against Joshua Bishop. The Indy God will certainly not be happy with what Swoggle did last night. It remains to be seen how he will react to the low blow and the Stunner.

Share your thoughts on the hilarious sequence featuring these two former WWE Superstars in the comments section below.

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