Watch: Randy Orton spotted during WWE hiatus; Watches a child take an RKO 

Randy Orton has been spotted amid WWE hiatus
Randy Orton has been spotted amid WWE hiatus

Randy Orton has been a hot topic of conversation in recent weeks, after he was spotted at the WWE Performance Center.

While the former 14-time World Champion hasn't wrestled since May 2022, it appears that he could be getting closer to making his WWE return. He was recently spotted at a high school volleyball game.

The children who were part of the game noticed that Randy Orton was in attendance, and made sure that they put on a show. As seen from the video below, three children decided to deliver an RKO in front of Orton, which ended in a successful pinfall.

Orton appeared to find the impromptu match hilarious, and is looking in good shape.

Matt Riddle's recent WWE release has left fans confused about Randy Orton's future

Matt Riddle announced that he had been released from WWE late last week, after having some recent issues outside of the ring.

Riddle was working with Orton, as part of RKBro, before Orton's injury. Many fans believed that he would return to WWE and pick up right where he left off following back surgery.

This is seemingly no longer the case, meaning Orton will make his return to a very different WWE, since Riddle, and one of his former rivals Dolph Ziggler, are now no longer working there.

Orton has been spotted at the Performance Center recently, but it was noted that he has only been working out in the gym. He is reportedly yet to step back into a ring and begin his training for his comeback.

It's unclear how much longer Orton will be on the sidelines, but his recent outings are seemingly giving the WWE Universe some hope that it will be soon.

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