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WCW legend Konnan reveals possible reason why WWE has booked Lana to go through tables repeatedly

Modified 11 Nov 2020, 18:16 IST

Lana has been booked to repeatedly go through tables in recent weeks. After last Monday's episode of RAW, Lana has gone through tables 8 times. Some believe that WWE is doing this because of Lana's husband Miro who signed with AEW. However, WCW legend Konnan has his own theory on the matter.

Konnan believes that WWE want Lana to quit

On a recent episode of the Keepin' It 100 podcast, Disco Inferno and Konnan discussed how WWE have been booking Lana in recent weeks, repeatedly booking her to be sent through tables. Disco Inferno said that he believed WWE were trying to intentionally humiliate Lana. Konnan added that he felt that WWE were trying to get Lana to quit:

Disco: They're strictly and intentionally doing everything they can to embarrass Lana. Every angle she's in is done to embarrass her. The only thing they're doing is, they're giving her a win here and there, to keep her highlighted so they can embarrass her more because she gets squashed and jobbed out every time she wrestles. They did a match where she basically just cowered in fear of Nia Jax and got the s**t beat out of her.
Konnan: I think they want her to quit. They don't want to fire her. They want her to quit.

When Disco Inferno replied that he didn't know why WWE are booking Lana like this, Konnan replied:

Konnan: What do you mean why? They've been doing it for decades... stupid games, they beat you down and beat you down, embarrass you and humiliate you until you're... we've seen it a million times.

Disco Inferno added:

Disco: It's fascinating me, the mindset those guys have at the top, where the success of your company should be first and foremost, right? They literally use petty nonsense to try to embarrass somebody and ruin their brand and ruin their marketability on the show that you're trying to use to try and build ratings up. They will literally put wrestlers in positions to make it where people who don't want to watch them, they'll use them on tv every week but then they'll pretend that the reason that they don't draw is not from their doing but probably it's their fault. And I've seen

Will we see Lana go through another table next Monday on RAW? Sound off in the comments section.

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Published 11 Nov 2020, 18:16 IST
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