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"We're just trying to make a statement" - MVP on WWE wanting to reform the Nation of Domination

MVP with Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley
MVP with Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley
Modified 01 Aug 2020, 18:15 IST

During his appearance on Say Less with Kaz & Lowkey (h/t Wrestling Inc), MVP talked about his most recent run, in WWE. One of the issues that have been brought up in several reports is that WWE apparently wants to reform the Nation of Domination. Talking about these reports, MVP said that he did not want The Hurt Business to become another Nation of Domination. His team with Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin needs to be something new, and that's exactly what they are working towards.

MVP on WWE wanting to reform the Nation of Domination

MVP, since returning to WWE, has made quite the formidable team on RAW. At first, he joined with Bobby Lashley and has now added another name to the team — Shelton Benjamin. Talking about The Hurt Business as the Nation of Domination, MVP said that was not at all what he wanted in WWE.

"No, no, the short answer is no. You know because I've been hearing the chatter and I've been seeing that and I don't want to do the new anything you know. The Nation was done, it was awesome and the time it was done," MVP explained of his reaction to the initial plans. "It was needed you know, stars were made. I don't want to rehash something else. I want to bring something new and I don't necessarily in our approach to The Hurt Business. Me and Bobby as you know, are legitimate friends. Like away from wrestling, we boys. Shelton is one of my closest friends. I just like making money with my friends you what I'm saying."

MVP added that during this run in WWE, he was more eager to work with young WWE Superstars such as Ricochet and Apollo Crews. He mentioned that when he was working with Apollo Crews, he would talk with the young Superstar and would see that he was eager to learn.

MVP added that while he wanted to work with Ricochet, he could no longer have the type of match that he wanted to have with the high-flyer, but they could still have a great match.

MVP clarified once again that he had no interest in rehashing The Nation of Domination and wanted to make a statement, but not a statement on race.

"Successful, we're businessmen. We're not trying to make a statement on race. We're trying to just make a statement and in our case, what we're trying to do, it's not about black or white. It's about gold and green."
Published 01 Aug 2020, 18:15 IST
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