"We were happy for her" - Wesley Blake comments on Alexa Bliss' splitting from Blake and Murphy in WWE NXT

Blake and Murphy with Alexa Bliss
Blake and Murphy with Alexa Bliss

Blake and Murphy were former WWE NXT Tag Team Champions, winning the titles in 2016. Despite showing promise in NXT and later on the main roster following their break up, neither man is signed to WWE anymore, with both Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy released by WWE this year.

Wesley Blake recently spoke to WrestlingINC Daily and opened up about why Blake and Murphy split up in 2016. Blake said after Alexa Bliss split up with them to pursue her singles career, the creative team didn't have much for them and they ended up pursuing singles careers (H/T: WrestlingINC):

"I guess it’s just what creative wanted. Once we dropped the NXT Tag Titles, they wanted to split Alexa away from us, so she could have her singles run. We were very happy for her because we knew she was going to be a star. And so, we were still tagging but not getting any traction. We weren’t having any storylines on NXT, and then they slowly started putting us in singles matches. At one point, we were at odds and unsure if we’re still a team or not. Eventually, they said Samoa Joe was going to come lay us out during a match. At the time, Buddy and I pitched the idea of wrestling each other, in a best-of-three or best-of-five series. But they didn’t want that. So I just started doing my Beautiful Blake character and he moved onto 205 Live."

Could Blake and Murphy reunite?

During the interview, Nick Hausman also asked Wesley Blake whether we could see him reunite with Buddy Murphy on the independent circuit. Blake said that he was definitely open to the idea the opportunity came up:

"Yes, absolutely. That could be a future opportunity if it presents itself. Murphy and I still keep in contact with each other."

It will be interesting to see where Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy end up following their time with WWE.

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