Forgotten Sons member Westin Blake sheds light on Steve Cutler's WWE release (Exclusive)

Was Steve Cutler released just because he caught Covid?
Was Steve Cutler released just because he caught Covid?

WWE released Forgotten Sons member Steve Cutler in February 2021. His stable-mate Wesley Blake would follow suit in April 2021, making Jaxson Ryker the only member of the faction still employed by the company.

Steve Cutler's release happened under strange circumstances considering he was let go after contracting Covid-19, following his quarantine period. We caught up with Wesley Blake (now Westin Blake) for a Sportskeeda Wrestling exclusive, who shed more light on Steve Cutler's departure during an informative interview.

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What did WWE say to Steve Cutler when they let him go?

When we asked Westin Blake about why Steve Cutler was let go from WWE, he had the following to say:

"From what they told him, they told him that they creatively had nothing for him. Which was something, that's what was told to him. When he got released, he caught Covid. He spent his two weeks in quarantine. He was getting ready to come back. We were talking to the writer. We were getting ready to come back and work back Corbin. But soon as his two weeks of Quarantine were up, they released him." said Blake

It must be noted that when Cutler was let go from WWE, the Forgotten Sons gimmick had been dropped. Both he and Blake were allied with King Corbin as Knights of the Lone Wolf.

Steve Cutler has since found success as Steve Maclin on the IMPACT Wrestling roster and Wesley Blake has expressed his desire to work with promotions such as IMPACT Wrestling, AEW, MLW, NJPW, and others in the very same interview.

In fact, Blake admits that he wouldn't mind a reunion of some sort outside the WWE system!

The third member of The Forgotten Sons, Jaxson Ryker, is part of the RAW roster and until recently was paired with Elias.

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