"I don't have a contract!" - Former WWE star Matt Cardona on landing in trouble for his comments on major promotion (Exclusive)

Cardona will soon challenge for the NWA World Title.
Cardona will soon challenge for the NWA World Title.

Former WWE star Matt Cardona recently stated that he doesn't fear NWA taking any action against him over his comments about the promotion.

Cardona has been working with the National Wrestling Alliance since December 2021, quickly establishing himself as a main event star. The former Zack Ryder even went on to capture the NWA World Championship in February 2022 but had to relinquish it in June due to an unforeseen injury.

One thing that has been the highlight of Matt Cardona's NWA career is that he doesn't hold back before sharing his unfiltered opinions on the promotion.

In a chat with Sportskeeda Wrestling, the former WWE star disclosed that he doesn't fear repercussions since he isn't signed to a full-time deal. Cardona even said that it would be NWA's loss if they severed their association with him.

"What are they gonna do? Fire me? I don't have a contract! If they are gonna stop using Matt Cardona, they are at loss, pal. And I'm not here to invade NWA, I'm here to help NWA. I want to save the NWA," said Matt Cardona

Furthermore, Cardona added that NWA is making strides day by day and that he's the perfect candidate to represent it in this new era. The former Intercontinental Champion also stated that he wants to perform on every episode of TV that NWA presents.

"NWA is great. We have Hard Times, every couple of months, we have a big pay-per-view, and then there's these TV tapings. You tape a bunch of TV for months. I want to go to NWA TV every single week. I want NWA to grow bigger, and I think I'm the perfect person for that. I'm not trying to hate on the NWA, I wanna save it," added Cardona (1:53 - 2:32)

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Former WWE star Matt Cardona could recapture the NWA World Championship at Hard Times 2022

Cardona now has the chance to recapture the NWA World Title and claim his position at the top of the mountain in the Billy Corgan-run promotion.

Trevor Murdoch is set to put his NWA World Championship on the line against Matt Cardona and Tyrus at Hard Times 2022 on November 12th. For those unaware, the 37-year-old defeated Murdoch to win the NWA Title earlier this year.

@SeanRossSapp Holy crap. @TheMattCardona pinned Trevor Murdoch tonight in Oak Grove, Kentucky, to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Regardless of the outcome, the triple threat match promises to be a crackling contest, with all three competitors bringing their best to the table.

Do you think Cardona should win the gold at Hard Times 2022? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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