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"When you don't take things serious - you get knocked the f**k out" - Charles Wright discusses WWE's controversial Brawl for All

Charles Wright vs Bart Gunn on WWE
Charles Wright vs Bart Gunn on WWE's ill-fated Brawl For All
John Duffy
Modified 24 Jan 2021

WWE legend Charles "Godfather" Wright is regarded as one of the most legitimate tough guys in professional wrestling. Because of his tough man credentials, Wright participated in one of WWE's most criticized concepts.

In 1998, WWE held a 16-man "shoot" boxing tournament, named Brawl For All. The tournament fought under "Toughman Contest" rules but was a disaster. Fans in attendance booed the action, and several wrestlers got legitimately injured in their bouts.

In a recent interview with "Scheduled for Two Falls", Wright spoke about his participation in WWE's ill-fated tournament.

"I'm sure you've seen the Darkside of the Ring but it didn't matter. Bruce Prichard called and said we're doing this thing and if you win you get $5,000 and then you get $10,000 and I'm like "ok I'm in". My problem was we had plenty notice to get ready and I didn't take it seriously. I should have taken it a lot more seriously. I should have been in training. I should have been preparing and I did none of that. I thought just being a tough guy I had a chance.
"It was never political for me. All that Steve Williams stuff, we never heard any of that. Me and Bradshaw were just like "Ok, how much". My BIGGEST problem was that I didn't take Bart seriously and after Bart knocked out two or three people you would have thought my high ass would have taken that serious. I would be literally be smoking cannabis hours before fighting these guys. That's what happen when you don't take things serious - you get knocked the f**k out."

So notorious was WWE Brawl For All that Vice's Dark Side of the Ring did an entire episode on it last year.

Charles Wright made it to the third round of WWE Brawl For All

The tournament featured John "Bradshaw" Layfield, Bob Holly, Steve Williams, and Road Warrior Hawk.

Wright met UFC legend Dan Severn in the first round. Despite losing the match, Wright progressed to the second round after Severn left the tournament. Wright defeated Scorpio in round two on points but would lose to the eventual winner, Bart Gunn, in the third round.


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Published 24 Jan 2021, 05:35 IST
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