'White Rabbit' rumored to be part of new WWE creative approach under Triple H - Reports

Triple H was recently named Chief Content Officer of WWE
Triple H was recently named Chief Content Officer of WWE

WWE could be heading towards making the White Rabbit and other Easter Eggs a part of their creative direction under Triple H, as per a recent report.

The 1967 song White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane was played recently during WWE Live Events and commercial breaks during shows.

Following the 'White Rabbit' scenario, Brandon Thurston of WrestleNomics has reported that it could be a new approach from the company. In a tweet that has since been deleted, Thurston said that Triple H recently revealed that dropping Easter Eggs is part of a new creative direction to appeal to hardcore fans:

"Have heard Paul Levesque [Triple H] told people in the financial community that part of WWE’s new creative approach is dropping “Easter eggs” that appeal to hardcores. “White Rabbit” playing off-air during events, which some think teases the return of Bray Wyatt, seems like an example."
The tweet that has since been deleted.
The tweet that has since been deleted.

On Monday's edition of RAW, a mysterious QR code appeared on the screen. When scanned, it brought fans to a WWE website where a game of Hang Man was played. The date of 9.23, which hosts the latest episode of SmackDown, was also displayed in the video. It has widely been speculated to be a teaser for the rumoured return of Bray Wyatt.

Who is WWE's White Rabbit?

The wrestling world has been trying to crack the case for weeks, and some interesting theories have arisen. It appears that most of the WWE Universe believes that Bray Wyatt will be revealed as the White Rabbit.

A Reddit user saw a July 4 tweet from Bray Wyatt asking if anyone knew about 'The Devil's Hole' in Self, Arkansas. The Reddit account discovered that Self, Arkansas, isn't a real town but instead an "unincorporated community." They also uncovered a 2004 forum about the area, and the moderator was named White Rabbit.

In the song by Jefferson Airplane, there is a lyric, "Go ask Alice when she's ten feet tall" and this was recently referenced by Alexa Bliss on RAW. Bliss was aligned with Bray Wyatt before his release from the company last year.

Other fans have speculated that Karrion Kross could be revealed to be the White Rabbit. The former NXT Champion portrayed a character of that name during his time with Lucha Underground.

The White Rabbit teaser campaign has been very successful thus far for the company. It will be interesting to see if that remains to be the case following SmackDown.

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