WWE veteran explains why Vince McMahon refused to turn Hulk Hogan heel [Exclusive]

Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan (Credit: Getty)
Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan (Credit: Getty)

Former WWE writer Vince Russo recently opened up about Hulk Hogan's heel turn in WCW and why Vince McMahon had previously refused to turn Hogan heel.

Hulk Hogan left WWE in 1993 and ended up signing with WCW the following year. Hogan's heel turn as part of the NWO turned out to be a masterstroke.

On the latest edition of Sportskeeda's Legion of RAW show, Vince Russo explained why he felt Vince McMahon refused to turn Hulk Hogan heel before he left WWE in 1993. Russo said that Vince had wanted to position Hulk Hogan as the Babe Ruth of WWE, a role Russo said Hogan wasn't ready for at that stage of his career:

"I was there when Hogan signed with WCW and Vince McMahon at that time wanted Hogan to be like the Babe Ruth of the WWE, wouldn't even consider turning him heel and Hogan wasn't ready for the Babe Ruth role. He went to WCW, did the NWO thing and he reinvented his career. Vince was the same way like he was with [John] Cena, "Nope, Hogan's a babyface."


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A quick look at Hulk Hogan's time in WCW

Hulk Hogan signed with WCW in 1994 and was immediately thrust into a match against WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair. Hogan ended up beating Flair in their dream match at Bash At The Beach 1994.

However, Hogan's aura was starting to wear off slightly by 1996, but being revealed as the third man to join The Outsiders - Kevin Nash and Scott Hall - revitalized Hogan's career. The NWO angle was one of the biggest in the history of pro wrestling and Hogan was one of the men at the center of it.

Hulk Hogan remained with WCW until the demise of the promotion in 2001, although his last appearance was in 2000. During his time in WCW, Hogan was always pushed as one of the top stars in the company and won six WCW World Heavyweight Championships.

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