Wrestling legend reveals WWE changed the finish of a Cesaro match midway to a loss (Exclusive)

Triple H, Vince McMahon, and Cesaro.
Triple H, Vince McMahon, and Cesaro.
Modified 09 Apr 2021

Dutch Mantell, fka Zeb Colter to the WWE faithful, was a guest on Sportskeeda Wrestling's WrestleMania 37 preview show.

The wrestling legend gave his WrestleMania 37 predictions with Sid Pullar III (SP3) and Fightful Wrestling's Jeremy Lambert. He also spoke about managing Cesaro in the WWE.

Mantell talked about the unpredictable nature of WWE's booking and recalled an incident where the company changed the finish midway through the match.

"Then again, we can all predict, but then on the day of the show, if Vince comes in there and says, 'Well, don't like it. Get in here, guys, let's rewrite the thing," said Mantell.

Mantell managed Jack Swagger (Jake Hager) and Cesaro, and they were collectively known as The Real Americans. Mantell revealed that Cesaro and Swagger were originally booked to win their match against The Usos on a RAW episode.

They can do anything they want to: Dutch Mantell on the last-minute changes in the WWE

An audible was called during the contest to have The Usos win the match, and Dutch Mantell was, of course, not informed beforehand about the change.

Mantell didn't expect to see Cesaro and Swagger lose, but he noted that last-minute booking changes were quite common in the WWE.

Here's what Dutch Mantell had to say about the match:

"Well, one time, I think it was a RAW. It was Jack and Cesaro, they were together, and they changed the finish in the middle of the match. So, I'm standing there, and they didn't tell me because I wasn't involved with it in any way, so I didn't need to know. And I thought Jack and Cesaro were going over, and all of a sudden, one, two, three, and The Usos get their hands raised. I said, 'What the hell happened?' They changed the finish middle of the match. It was only like a five-minute match, a six-minute match, and all of a sudden. So, yeah, if they can do that, I mean, they can do anything they want to."

During the WrestleMania 37 preview show, Dutch Mantell also revealed the real reason behind WWE ending his managerial run with Cesaro in favor of Paul Heyman and why he was unhappy with the decision.

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Published 09 Apr 2021
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