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"I didn't like doing it" - Wrestling legend Sabu reveals the one gimmick match he never liked doing

Sabu was known for his hardcore wrestling style
Sabu was known for his hardcore wrestling style
Nithin Joseph
Modified 06 Mar 2021

Former ECW Superstar Sabu is a legendary figure in the professional wrestling business. He is synonymous with hardcore matches, many of which left him with the scars he has today. However, The Houdini of Hardcore revealed that there is one hardcore gimmick match he hated working in, Barbed Wire matches.

Barbed Wire matches were pretty much a staple for Sabu and was his bread and butter match for much of his career. Little did we know that it was his least favorite match to participate in.

In an interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, the wrestling legend recalled his first-ever Barbed Wire match. Sabu was thrown into the match without any notice during a tour of Japan. He spoke about how he didn't think too much about it and just tried his hardest in the ring.

Unfortunately, he was so good at it, that it stuck with him throughout his career.

"Well I didn't sign up for it. I was on a tour of Japan and it just so happened that I had a barbed wire match. I didn't know about it till the last minute. So I didn't think much about it and I took it in stride. It was just another day and I'll try hard like I do any other time and hopefully they like it. The thing was, I tried so hard that I was good at it and they thought I liked doing it. But, I didn't like doing it."

After his first Barbed Wire match, fans were so pleased with it that the demand to see Sabu in another one increased. The former ECW World Heavyweight Champion recalled how he went from participating in one Barbed Wire match per tour to 16 in a short period.

Sabu recalls two of his most painful experiences in the ring

Being known as The Houdini of Hardcore comes with a price. For Sabu, that price was more often than not a horrific injury. The ECW legend recalled two of the worst injuries he had in the ring.

One of them was the neck injury he received when he wrestled Chris Benoit, and the other was the iconic scar he got from his match against Terry Funk.

"The time Benoit threw me on my head. Broke my neck. That was pretty bad. The second one would be the scar I got on my arm when I wrestled Terry Funk."

Sabu has been involved in some of the most death-defying and horrific matches in the history of pro wrestling. What do you think is the greatest Sabu match ever? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Published 06 Mar 2021, 11:50 IST
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