Wrestling veteran with over 5 decades of experience on huge rumored addition to WWE roster

A massive star is rumored to make their WWE debut soon
A massive star is rumored to make their WWE debut soon

WWE always has a sharp eye out for the best talent around the world who could be potential stars for the company. One of the most obvious ones recently has been Jade Cargill. She is rumored to be on her way to the promotion, and a wrestling veteran has given his thoughts on the potential move.

On his podcast, Story Time with Dutch Mantell, the former WCW and Impact Wrestling manager spoke on the potential move and her time in AEW. While he was appreciative of her natural talents, he bemoaned the fact that we had not seen her full capability as she was not given a major storyline. You can read his comments below:

“She was great in the ring. Big strong girl too! But they didn’t really give her a personality at all... had a manager one time but you never really got a clean shot of what she could do in a story,” said Mantell about Cargill’s ability. (00:25-00:30)
"I know she went 43-1 record but that win-loss record doesn’t really mean anything... it’s the story... and... what I mean by that is look at Sami Zayn, he lost every match for a year when I was watching SmackDown, every match! ...But they put him in a storyline with The Bloodline, took their time with it and he’s still over,” said Dutch, drawing a parallel with WWE. (00:30-1:10)

To be the top women's wrestler in WWE would mean that Cargill would have to compete with some of the best stars who are trying to pave their way through the promotion. Mantell’s co-host wondered if she would be able to do that if she made the move.

“We’re gonna see if she goes there,” answered Mantell. (3:15-3:18)

You can look at the entire clip below:


Booker T speaks about Jade Cargill’s move to WWE

Booker T, on his Reality of Wrestling podcast, said that Jade is a super athlete and a kind of talent that WWE has always been pushing in their venture. He further added that she would be a great addition to the roster if she took the decision to come to the promotion.

According to rumors, she is very close to joining the Stamford-based promotion. Fans will have to wait and watch Cargill's next move.

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