WWE nixed plan for RAW star to beat Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship in 2018

A current star was supposed to defeat Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel
A current star was supposed to defeat Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel
Israel Lutete
Modified 05 May 2021

WWE is notorious for canceling and changing plans at the last minute, which drastically shifts the direction of feuds and storylines that play out on TV. One major past plan WWE nixed was putting the Universal Championship on Braun Strowman in late 2018.

The Monster Among Men collided with Brock Lesnar for the vacant Universal title at WWE Crown Jewel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The match was initially supposed to be a triple threat clash featuring Roman Reigns. However, the Big Dog had to relinquish the championship after announcing he had Leukemia.

Former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide recently shared on his Say Less With Kaz, Lowkey and Rosy podcast that Strowman was supposed to win the match.

Speaking to WWE NXT star Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, Famuyide claimed Strowman was set to capture the vacant Universal Championship. The finish changed on a dime, though, and The Beast triumphed instead.

"There was one time where we all thought a match was going — this was — man, f*** it, I’m not working there anymore," said Famuyide. "It was in Saudi [Crown Jewel 2018] and Braun [Strowman] was supposed to beat Brock [Lesnar]. This is right after Roman [Reigns] announced he had cancer, right?
"So, Brock and Braun were supposed to fight for the world title and we had a whole Monday Night RAW written with Braun Strowman as champion," Famuyide added. "Then sike, Brock Lesnar wins and then as soon as Brock wins, we all had to go back into the office, rewrite the whole show and I just thought it was some s*** where it’s just like oh, they’re just kind of keeping us on the D.L. [down low], whatever but I didn’t know they could change like [that]." (H/T POST Wrestling)

Many fans argue WWE made a mistake by putting the title on Lesnar instead of Strowman, as the latter needed it more. Lesnar was a largely absent champion who spent most of his days at home rather than defending his belt in the WWE ring.

Isaiah Scott discusses his recent promos on WWE NXT

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott
Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott has developed a new persona on WWE NXT, where he's featured since the Breakout Tournament in 2019.

Scott has started cutting promos on other WWE NXT stars from inside his studio. He revealed on the Say Less With Kaz, Lowkey and Rosy podcast that Brian "Road Dogg" James helped him with it.

"There’s a lot going on," said Swerve. "There’s a lot [of] moving parts. This was something I pitched honestly a year ago. I pitched like — that’s one thing, I always come up with an idea and if it’s denied or whatever, I kinda reroute it and then go a different way because my mind goes 18 different directions.
"But it’s always the core value stays the same, and you know Road Dogg," Swerve added. "Shoutout Road Dogg, he’s back out of the hospital right now. He had a heart attack so he’s cool. We always been on the music tip together. He’s always like, ‘Hey, he made that one thing a long time ago and he’s presented it. Let’s go back to that.’ Alright bet, let’s do it so, went back to it and they came up with the studio and all that but I was already doing this at home."

Scott continued by stating that he made a "makeshift studio" in his own home and believes he looks like an "evil producer." He's currently embroiled in a heated rivalry with Leon Ruff on the yellow and black brand, which could continue on tonight's episode.

What are your thoughts on Isaiah “Swerve” Scott's change of character? Sound off in the comments section below.

Published 05 May 2021
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