WWE CEO comments on the McMahon children's split from the company

Shane McMahon
Shane McMahon's departed from WWE in 2022 and Stephanie McMahon resigned this year

Whilst Shane McMahon's departure from WWE happened as a direct result of the events of the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event in 2022, his sibling Stephanie McMahon dropping the bombshell of her resignation as chairwoman and co-CEO on January 10, 2023, was more of a shocker.

This left Nick Khan as the sole CEO of the Stamford-based promotion amidst the return of former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, who was unanimously elected as the Executive Chairman of the Board.

With the turn of events in recent times, Khan spoke on The Bill Simmons Podcast, wherein he commented on Stephanie's resignation:

“I think she came back because her dad asked her to come back,” Khan said. "She's great at it," he added. [H/T: Wrestlezone]

Nick Khan spoke in reference to Stephanie briefly stepping away from her previous leadership role last year but quickly returned to the company as Vince McMahon announced his retirement.

Though the true nature of Stephanie’s departure has yet to be revealed, Khan believes she might’ve “felt her work was done for now.” However, “nothing is permanent,” in professional wrestling. Khan also added: “Again, terrific executive, even better person. Life is long. Let’s see.”

Regarding Shane McMahon's departure post-WWE Royal Rumble 2022

Sportskeeda wishes Shane McMahon a very Happy 53rd Birthday. 🔥🎉#WWE #ShaneMcMahon

Shane McMahon returned to WWE at the titular Battle Royal last year, which resulted in a ton of controversy. The Prodigal Son also acted as an agent for the bout, booking himself strong and going over crowd favorite Kevin Owens. He was even one of the final four in the contest.

All of this came along with Shane's lackluster performance and botched move after move, including his own elimination. He received criticism from fans and fellow talents alike. Mr. McMahon wound up firing him indefinitely.

When Nick Khan was asked about Shane's departure, he revealed he's still in the dark about it.

“I’m not going to ask even if it’s a work thing. I’m not going to ask Vince, ‘tell me what happened with your son.’ I have too much respect for that. It also would be career suicide. I’ve never seen that work. I’m not there to counsel them. They’re not asking me to counsel them. As you know, family’s complicated, business is complicated. Family and business is even more complicated.

Nick Khan adds,

I just assumed ‘stay away from it.’ But his son-in-law (Triple H) works there, and he’s the Head of Creative. There’s always been a lot of Twitter chatter that somehow those two weren’t getting along or this or that. I think everybody’s getting along just great.” [H/T: Wrestlezone]
According to a 8-K filling to the SEC by WWE, in 2022 Shane McMahon was retained as an independent contractor performer by WWE & received an aggregate of approximately $828,000 in connection.His only match in 2022 was the short stint in the Royal Rumble.Best. In. The. World.

It remains to be seen whether both McMahon's children will return to WWE in some capacity in the future. Current Chief Content Officer Triple H has done a phenomenal job at making the product great again.

Which McMahon do you want to see back on WWE TV in the future? Let us know in the comments section below.

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