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WWE News: WWE Championship belt removed from the latest photo of AJ Styles on WWE.com

Is this just a glitch or a sign of things to come?

AJ Styles
Is his reign as a champion about to end?

There have been a lot of recent rumours regarding the future of AJ Styles and the WWE title he holds over the past couple of months. Now a move by WWE has fanned the flames even further regarding the rumours of Styles possibly losing his title in near future.

WWE recently updated the photo of AJ Styles in the 'Superstars' section of their official website. As seen in the screenshot of the section below, Styles is seen without the championship belt in his latest photo:

Aj Styles seen on WWE.com without his championship belt
No title belt on AJ Styles

Styles is still mentioned as the WWE Champion in the section as well as on his bio on the website, but the fact that he is seen without his belt has left the social media abuzz. Fans have already started wondering what could the possible implications be, behind this move from WWE.

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This past Monday Night on Raw, General Manager Mick Foley gifted the Raw Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro their new Championship belts featuring straps with Raw's trademark red colour.

You can watch the segment where Foley unveiled the new belts below:

Due to this, many are believing that we could see a new WWE Championship belt debuting on SmackDown next week featuring the brand's Blue Color opposed to its Raw counterpart, the WWE Universal Championship belt, which contains the red colour.

On the other hand, some are seeing it as a confirmation of the much-heard speculation that Styles would lose his title at the upcoming Royal Rumble PPV to The Phenom, Undertaker. 

This storyline is also rumoured to set up the much-talked clash between Undertaker and John Cena at WrestleMania 33, with Cena winning the Royal Rumble match and challenging Taker for the title.

While this could simply be a glitch from the WWE staff and Styles could remain the WWE Champion for long, with the same belt, it's hard to believe that such a mistake can be unknowingly made in such a large organisation, especially around the time that the road to Wrestlemania is supposed to begin. 

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