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WWE News: WWE co-founder Linda McMahon gave $6 million to pro-Trump super PAC

Gokul Nair
2.37K   //    18 Oct 2016, 06:08 IST

“Let’s go, Trump!” – Linda McMahon

Linda McMahon, co-founder of the WWE and a former Republican Senate candidate from Connecticut has infused a super PAC (Political Action Committee) supporting Donald Trump with $6 million dollars according to the campaign filling show, the amount was infused in August and September. 

These latest donations make McMahon one of the Republican presidential nominee’s biggest benefactors.

This is an interesting turn of events as it was McMahon who earlier said to Yahoo’s Katie Couric that she was offended by Trump’s comments on women and called it “deplorable” at the GOP Primary contest. She also added that

“He’s not helping, certainly, to put women in the best light”.

But apparently, she is a huge believer in Trump now. Last month McMahon told the Associated Press that even though he was not her first choice for president, she is a huge Trump backer now and admires with how he has dealt with the situation by stating:

“He has been a vessel that has housed this anger and this dissatisfaction that exists throughout the country.”

Along with that she also stated that Trump has been a loyal friend throughout these years. 

The donations from McMahon made up nearly one-third of the total $18 million that Rebuilding America Now pulled in the last quarter. She made 5 separate contributions and gave a final contribution of $1 million on September 22.

This is not the first time that McMahon has stepped up with major financial support for Trump. She and her husband Vince donated $5 million to Trump’s charitable foundation between 2007 and 2009.

Even with the backing of McMahon, Rebuliding America Now are far behind in terms of money raised compared to the Priorities USA Action which is run by top Clinton Clients.

Apart from McMahon, The biggest support for Trump has been through the Las Vegas Sands chief executive Sheldon Adelson and his wife who gave the super PAC Future 45 $10 million last month.

Other pro-Trump mega-donors include Home Depot co-founder Bernard Marcus, hedge fund executive Robert Mercer and TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts who have donated $5 million, $2 million and $1 million respectively.

Trump and WWE have had a special relationship with WWE hosting Wrestlemania 5 at the Trump Plaza and Trump being an integral part of Wrestlemania 23 as part of the “Battle Of Billionares” storyline. Apart from that Trump also has appeared on the 20th Anniversary of Wrestlemania where he was interviewed by Jesse Ventura.

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