WWE executive provides an update about Bea Priestley aka Blair Davenport's status

Blair Davenport was a big part of NXT UK
Blair Davenport was a big part of NXT UK

Blair Davenport has not been seen in WWE for almost eight months. Now, Shawn Michaels has provided an update about her status in the company.

Davenport, aka Bea Priestley, last competed in WWE at the NXT Worlds Collide event in the match between Mandy Rose, Meiko Satomura, and herself to unite the NXT and NXT UK Women's Titles. Rose emerged as the winner of the match.

Asked about her status with the company, Shawn Michaels said that Blair Davenport had the chance to come back to the company and be a part of NXT. She was never released, and she said that there was interest in WWE for NXT UK talents to make the jump to the brand.

According to PWInsider, he said that in the end, it was the talents who would decide if they wanted to be there. He also said that if Blair Davenport made the jump to NXT, then she would make a big impact.

He added that they had reached out to her, and if she wanted to be a part of NXT, they would have the news.

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