WWE legend defends his "buddy" Triple H after getting flak for Damian Priest's booking (Exclusive)

Triple H and Damian Priest with fellow Judgment Day members.
Triple H and Damian Priest with fellow Judgment Day members. (Image source: WWE.com)

Triple H has been at the helm of WWE's creative for a while and has garnered praise for several decisions. The Game, however, recently got some criticism over the presentation of Damian Priest. Dutch Mantell, though, wants fans to be patient.

At the grand stage of WrestleMania 40, Damian Priest monumentally cashed in the Money in the Bank contract and became the World Heavyweight Champion. His reign, marked by a few hard-fought title defenses, continues as we approach SummerSlam season.

As he is a heel in one of WWE's top factions, The Judgment Day, Priest hasn't picked up clean victories throughout his run and has not looked like a dominant top guy. Many believe, including Sportskeeda's Smack Talk panelists Rick Ucchino and SP3, that Paul Levesque could do better in booking Damian Priest as a world champion.

Dutch Mantell felt having patience was vital as he trusted HHH to deliver long-term. The Cerebral Assassin is known for his methodical story-telling and said WWE had several options to play around with creatively.

Dutch also had a hilarious response about defending his "buddy" Triple H.

"We can all sit here and say this and that; fans do the same thing. I'm pretty sure whatever Triple H, he's had tremendous success up to this point; I think whatever he decides to do would be a good angle with legs, so we'll see where it goes. Triple H, if you're watching the show, that was for you, buddy; these other two knock you to high heaven, but I don't." [From 31:20 onwards]

Damian Priest will face Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle next in what could mark the end of his reign, considering he will be competing in Drew's country.

A clean win over McIntyre, however unlikely, could propel Damian Priest's reign to a whole new level.