"Animosity between Hunter and I" - WWE Legend on his past issues with Triple H

14-time WWE world champion Triple H
14-time WWE world champion Triple H

Triple H’s new role as the head of WWE creative has been well received by the majority of fans and wrestlers. However, his behind-the-scenes dealings with fellow performers have not always gone smoothly.

In 2003, Goldberg joined WWE after leading the way as one of WCW’s top stars for several years. The two-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion feuded with Triple H on-screen during his initial 12-month WWE run before leaving the company in 2004.

Speaking on Chris Jericho’s “Talk Is Jericho” podcast, the 55-year-old disclosed details about his real-life issues with The Game during that time:

“I was hanging out with Kevin [Nash] and Scott [Hall],” Goldberg said. “Their best friend was Triple H up at WWE. They had the whole Kliq thing. They’d always talk. There was some animosity between Hunter and I, and we just so happened to be represented by the same manager. There were things going back and forth.”
On this day in 2003 @Goldberg beat Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship #WWE

Goldberg considers his WWE run in 2003-2004 to be one of the worst years of his career. He added that he only joined the company because he wanted to perform as a superhero for children in the crowd.

Possible reason why Triple H disliked Goldberg

#OnThisDay: 17 Years Ago on September 21, 2003 at WWE Unforgiven.Goldberg defeated Triple H to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion.#Unforgiven2003 #WWEUnforgiven #Goldberg #BillGoldberg @Goldberg #RuthlessAggressionEra #RuthlessAggressionEraWWE #RuthlessAggression

As one of WCW’s leading stars, Goldberg was instrumental in Monday Nitro defeating Monday Night RAW in the television ratings for 83 consecutive weeks.

For that reason, he believes the likes of Triple H purposely made life difficult for him when he arrived in WWE in 2003:

“No offense, but I think we were kicking their a** in the ratings, so I was a bad guy,” Goldberg said. “I was one of the guys that was leading the charge. How else are they gonna look upon somebody like that? Was I gonna go up there and they were gonna completely destroy the character, therefore turning me into the monster that many people thought that I was? [It] meant that I had to protect myself even more.”

Thankfully, the two men have made amends since their days as full-time in-ring competitors. Goldberg even joked during his Hall of Fame induction that he was wrong to “scream” at The Game at a toy convention in the 1990s.

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