WWE legend recalls what he was doing during deadly wrestling incident from nearly 30 years ago

This former WWE star is a tag team legend

A WWE legend recently recalled what he was doing during a deadly wrestling incident that took place nearly 30 years ago. The veteran who recalled the incident is Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley.

D-Von Dudley first made a name for himself in ECW alongside Bubba Ray Dudley. ECW was known for being a controversial promotion due to the barbaric nature of its matches. Wrestlers competed in brutal, hardcore matches every week, which made for some bloody moments.

One such match took place in 1996 when D-Von Dudley teamed up with a 17-year-old aspiring wrestler named Mass Transit to face New Jack and Mustafa. The match turned deadly when New Jack and Mustafa isolated Mass Transit in the ring and continued to assault him viciously. They prevented D-Von from helping his tag partner.

New Jack then took a homemade weapon and cut open Mass Transit's forehead. They then continued to brutalize him as he was gushing blood. Following the match, police were called to the scene to investigate the incident.

Speaking on Maven's YouTube Channel, WWE legend D-Von Dudley recalled that he was hiding and trying to get under the ring during the incident.

"D'Von's on the floor hiding trying to get underneath the f***ing ring because at that point I had never seen anything like that before and you know, I grew up in Brooklyn, New York and the project. I've seen stuff but this was like right there and I was a part of it which really scared to death as a 23-year-old kid. So, I had no idea what was happening. I mean again these are grown men" [17:45 - 18:12]


D-Von Dudley opens up on Roman Reigns amidst WWE absence

After winning the Universal Championship in 2020, Roman Reigns went on an incredibly long title reign that lasted over 1,300 days until he lost the title to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 40. Following this loss, Reigns hasn't been seen on WWE television.

During a recent interview with Screen Rant, WWE legend D-Von Dudley commented on Reigns' legendary title reign.

"I rank him in the same rank as Stone Cold Steve Austin, as The Rock, as Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Bruno Sammartino. He carried the company when others couldn’t and he did it for a long period of time. Listen, at one point in time back in the 80s, you had people like Hogan, Bruno, Flair — they would have the titles for almost three, four, or five years. Then, that type of thing went away, you wouldn’t have that, you were a champion for maybe six months and that was it," D-Von Dudley said.


It remains to be seen when Roman Reigns will make his return to the Stamford-based promotion.

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