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WWE News: WWE Network celebrates its' third birthday

Hard to believe, but the WWE Network turned 3 yesterday on 25th February.

News 25 Feb 2017, 13:05 IST
At 1.5M paid subscribers, the WWE Network is going strong three years since launch

What’s the story?

Yesterday was the day that the WWE Network celebrated it’s third birthday as it launched on February 24, 2014. The streaming network is the home for thousands of hours of on-demand content as well as a live 24-hour program schedule.

In case you didn’t know...

The actual framework for the WWE Network was created by the same engineers that put together the MLB.TV subscription service for baseball.

The name of that company is MLB Advanced Media and MLB.TV enables subscribers to watch live and archived games throughout the season.

The heart of the matter...

Three years after the WWE Network has launched, it is still going strong with 1.5 million paid subscribers around the world in over 220 countries.

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Based on a buy rate of 200k per pay per view with the old system, a decent break-even point for Vince McMahon would be a million paid subscribers; which proves that the network has been a profitable gamble.

What’s next?

There’s always something next on the WWE Network since they have a live 24-hour channel, but the next pay per view coming up is WWE Fastlane on March 5th where WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens will defend his title against Goldberg.

Sportskeeda’s Take

It was a long three years between 2011 when the WWE Network was first announced to 2014 when it finally launched. While it was a rocky start trying to connect to the network at first, once all the kinks were eventually worked out and the WWE Network became an amazing investment for fans at only $9.99 a month.

The network caters to many types of fans.

There are the hardcore fans that will love all the old pay per views and television shows that they can go back and watch from many different wrestling promotions and then there are the casual fans who just want to watch the pay per views who get a great value as well.

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