“Taker Would Be Perfect For it” - Big E gives The WWE legend an unexpected role in The New Day

Big E worked with The Undertaker recently
Big E worked with The Undertaker recently
Vivek Sharma

Big E would love to see The Undertaker dance with The New Day but the WWE Champion is afraid that he might get choke-slammed instead.

Big E is one of the most charismatic people on the WWE roster and his power of positivity rubbed off on people like Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Braun Strowman in the past when they danced with the current WWE Champion.

The Deadman seems to be the newest addition to the powerhouse's list as he stated he would like to dance in the ring with The Undertaker during a recent appearance on the Rasslin’ podcast:

“The best choices for that are always the people who you never see dance. I think ‘Taker would be perfect for it. He’s so out of his element. Yeah, that would be perfect. Undertaker. He probably would refuse, he would probably refuse, we’d need to like block off the exits. We need to like, we need to make sure to surround him so he couldn’t leave. But he’d probably just end up you know, trying to chokeslam us or something, but we’d find a way." (H/T- fightful)
Big E. Says He’d Like To See The Undertaker Dance With The New Day

WWE Champion Big E loved working with The Undertaker in the new Netflix movie Escape The Undertaker.

Big E and The New Day recently starred in a new Netflix interactive movie Escape The Undertaker alongside The Undertaker.

The interactive film, which premiered on October 5th, had viewers deciding the fate of The New Day as they tried to escape The Undertaker’s mansion.

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, the WWE Champion opened up about his experience of filming alongside The Deadman:

"He was fun. Larry Heck was there, our trainer. We just had our moments when we had our breaks where we were all just kind of sitting around and Undertaker was telling stories, him and Larry were playing cards. When we were sharing our scenes he was obviously very into the scenes. But the moments before and after it was just really cool to pick the brain of a guy who is a legend and has been around for a long time. So it was cool to see both sides of Taker." (H/T- wrestlinginc)
Big E On ‘Escape The Undertaker’: What Made It So Interesting Is That We’re From Different Eras

With the two already sharing a screen on the digital platform, could we also see Big E involved with The Phenom on the WWE screen? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

A Champion from another promotion just called out Roman Reigns. More details right here.

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