"She has been kind of deprived this whole time" - Former WWE Women's Champion on putting over Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan in action on WWE SmackDown
Liv Morgan in action on WWE SmackDown
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WWE superstar Carmella recently spoke about her simmering rivalry with Liv Morgan and how she felt about Liv as a performer on After the Bell podcast with Corey Graves.

Carmella and Liv Morgan have been at each other's throats for weeks. The two women developed a strong sense of animosity when Liv accused Carmella of being handed opportunities in the WWE without paying her dues. It's led to some bad blood that has continued to boil, as this feud has raged on. At this point? There's no telling who might come out on top.

During her interview, Carmella discussed her rivalry with Liv Morgan. In a rare moment? Carmella actually broke character to praise Morgan and stated that she deserved to have her time now. Carmella recalled being happy putting Liv over during the singles encounter during the Extreme Rules pre-show.

"Liv is a firecracker. She is so incredibly talented. Actually what I’m really, really proud of is our match at Extreme Rules. We had some time. And that is something that has been a root of frustration lately on SmackDown because SmackDown is a two-hour show. So we don’t get a lot of time to show what we can do. So we finally have this PPV match and we had, I think, 10 minutes and we killed it. We had a great match, she won, and I was so happy for her. I think it’s her time and she has been kind of deprived this whole time," Carmella said.
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Liv Morgan cost Carmella a chance of winning the Queen's Crown tournament

Liv Morgan added another chapter to her storied rivalry with Carmella this week on SmackDown. Carmella had advanced to the semifinals of the Queen’s Crown Tournament when she beat Liv Morgan last week.

But Liv Morgan was not finished with proclaiming herself the 'Most Beautiful Woman in All of WWE'. Liv made her way to ringside during Carmella's matchup with Zelina Vega. Liv distracted Carmella with her mask, allowing Zelina Vega to roll up Carmella for the three count.

This was possibly the last appearance for both women on the blue brand since they were both drafted to RAW. But, there's little doubt that the rivalry between these ladies will likely continue going forward.

Do you think Carmella and Liv Morgan will continue their feud on RAW? Sound off in the comments below.

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