"Bro, go to AEW, you'll be a huge star there" - DDP's advise to released WWE star (Exclusive)

Diamond Dallas Page wanted John Morrison to go to AEW
Diamond Dallas Page wanted John Morrison to go to AEW
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Diamond Dallas Page has disclosed that he told John Morrison to join AEW instead of WWE before he returned to Vince McMahon's company in 2019.

Morrison's pro wrestling career began in the early 2000s when he was co-winner of the Tough Enough reality show. His first run included him being a part of MNM and then teaming up with The Miz. He left in 2011, but re-signed with WWE in 2019, winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championships with The A-Lister.

On Sportskeeda's The Bro Show, Diamond Dallas Page talked about John Morrison and how he advised him to go to AEW rather than WWE. The Hall of Famer, who shares a friendship with Morrison, has praised him for being an incredible athlete.

"When John was thinking about going back (to WWE), I was like, 'Bro, go to AEW. You'll be a huge star there.' Johnny's one of the most talented workers on the planet... AEW is a different version of WCW, where the work-rate is different to the jargon. The workers there are... you've just seen the guys from Undisputed (Era), all those cats can work their a*s off," said Page.

He went on to explain how John Morrison is a talented individual and a real-life superhero.

"That guy (Morrison) is one of the most talented human beings, as far as being an athlete, on the planet. His whole parkour stuff that he does. He's a real-life superhero," said the Hall of Famer.

Page also revealed that he and Morrison have worked on a Netflix film, which will be released next year.

John Morrison to soon return to the ring for the first time since his WWE release

😎 @TheRealMorrison está de regreso y tiene un reto directo para el NUEVO Megacampeón de AAA, Hijo del Vikingo @vikingo_aaa📆 19 de febrero 2022⚔️ #ReyDeReyes ⚔️ desde VERACRUZ en la gira #30AniversarioAAA 🏵

Morrison was let go by WWE on November 18, as part of the company's ongoing budget cuts. His wife, who went by the ring name Franky Monet in Vince McMahon's promotion, was also released on November 4.

The former Intercontinental Champion will wrestle at AAA's Rey de Reyes show in February and face El Hijo del Vikingo for the AAA Mega Championship.

Morrison has previously held the title back in 2017 and will get the chance to win it for the second time on February 19, 2022.

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