Former WWE Superstar Jeet Rama wants Indians to be booked as strongly as Japanese talent (Exclusive)

A still of Jeet Rama from 205 Live
A still of Jeet Rama from 205 Live

The W in WWE stands for 'world'. As a result, innumerable superstars from across the globe, be it India, Japan, or just about any corner of the planet, have been recruited by the market leader in sports entertainment.

Jeet Rama (whose real name is Satendar Dagar) signed a developmental deal with WWE NXT in the year 2015. He was released from his contract in 2021 and subsequently returned to India. In an exclusive interview, he elaborated upon his plans following his WWE stint.

According to Rama, he wants to start a platform in India, so that Indian stars are already established by the time they reach the United States. He compares Indian talent to those who've arrived from Japan, a country with an established pro wrestling culture:

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"I realized somewhere that we are lacking a platform. When my journey with WWE ended, my plan was…my wife, my kids live in Canada. My plan was to go there and settle down with them. But then I realized if I can do anything in my own country for my countrymen, I’ll try my best. And one has to try! I get so many messages from people asking me about how to get into pro wrestling," said Rama.

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Jeet Rama compares how differently WWE perceives Japanese Superstars as compared to Indian talent

Because Japan has such a magnificent pro wrestling culture and legacy, Rama feels that by the time Superstars from the country arrive in WWE, they are already well-known:

"Wrestling is huge in Japan. I’ve noticed that when Japanese wrestlers go to WWE, they are booked in the same position that they were back when they were in Japan. Why can’t the same thing happen to Indians? Why must we sacrifice? It’s because our foundation isn’t strong and until we are, we’ll keep getting used," said Rama.

In line with the said vision, Rama wants to establish a training facility for aspiring WWE Superstars. We wish him all the best in his efforts.

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