Jim Ross responds to Michael Cole's recent remark about WWE commentary

Michael Cole has worked as a WWE commentator for the last 24 years
Michael Cole has worked as a WWE commentator for the last 24 years
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Jim Ross does not agree with Michael Cole’s recent claim that he plays an actor on WWE television.

Cole made the comment while speaking to his fellow SmackDown announcer, Pat McAfee, on The Pat McAfee Show earlier this month. The long-time WWE commentator’s remark sparked a furious response from wrestling legend Jim Cornette, who blamed WWE producer Kevin Dunn for giving Cole that mindset.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, Ross praised Cole before making it clear that he took exception to his “actor” comment:

“Michael does a good job. I’ve got nothing bad to say about Michael Cole. He’s fulfilling the mandate that he is given. The only thing I didn’t really like [was the “actor” comment]... I saw Jim Cornette’s tirade on when Michael recently said he’s an actor and not a play-by-play guy,” he said.
“I may not be the greatest of all time, I will truly say that when it comes to emotion, Jim Ross is the greatest ever in this business. I think I'm the greatest ever when it comes to running a show, running traffic.”- Michael Cole

Michael Cole began working as a WWE commentator and interviewer in 1997. He later replaced Jim Ross as the company’s lead announcer.

Jim Ross is set to discuss Michael Cole on his next podcast

On an upcoming #GrillingJR, we’ll be discussing the incomparable Michael Cole!If you have have a question for Good ‘Ol JR, leave it in the comments below and use the hashtag #AskJR!

The next episode of Grilling JR, which is due to be released on Thursday, will revolve around Michael Cole’s WWE career.

Jim Ross reiterated that he did not agree with Cole’s recent remark, but he is looking forward to talking about his former co-worker:

“I don’t agree with that but I understand where he’s coming from. He’s kind of motivated to say that, quite frankly. But anyway, it’ll be fun to talk about Michael. He’s had a good career. I’m sure he’s made good money. He’s a very frugal guy,” he said.

Michael Cole and Pat McAfee currently call the in-ring action every Friday night on WWE SmackDown. Jim Ross has worked as a commentator and senior advisor for AEW since 2019.

Please credit Grilling JR and give a H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription if you use quotes from this article.

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