"She reminded me of myself" - Liv Morgan reveals which WWE Legend she admired growing up

Liv Morgan was on the Bump this week
Liv Morgan was on the Bump this week

Liv Morgan spoke about being a fan of Lita growing up.

The WWE Superstar was the in-studio guest this week on The Bump. She spoke about her long-drawn feud with Becky Lynch, performing for fans and watching Lita perform in the ring growing up.

Morgan revealed that she saw a lot of herself in Lita. She felt like she could have been friends with the Hall of Famer and detailed how she tried to bring out the same emotions from her fans as Lita did back in the day.

Here's what Liv had to say about Lita:

"I loved Lita. I've said this a bunch too, you know, she reminded me of myself. I saw her and I was like I could be her friend. So that's something that I strive to give to people watching me. They should see me and think like I'm one of them. I could be their friend."

Liv was also excited that Lita would be in the Royal Rumble. She hinted that if things lined up, the two women could come face to face at the Rumble.

Liv Morgan thanked her fans for supporting her through the ups and downs

During the interview, Liv Morgan also thanked all her fans for sticking with her through thick and thin. She mentioned that the last few weeks have been tough, with her almost winning the RAW Women's Championship before losing out as a result of Becky cheating.

Morgan detailed that she felt complimented knowing Becky was cheating to win because the champ couldn't beat her fair and square. The former Riott Squad member assured her fans that she would soon find a way to defeat Big Time Becks and get her hands on the championship again.

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