Nia Jax says she will be "spilling gossip" to Ex-WWE star in post-release interview

Nia Jax is about to spill the beans on her WWE run
Nia Jax is about to spill the beans on her WWE run

Former WWE Superstar Nia Jax has tweeted that she will be spilling the beans on her WWE run.

The former RAW Women's Champion was recently let go by the company after a six-year-long in-ring stint. Jax has since changed her name and now goes by her real-life name, Lina Fanene.

Nia Jax recently posted a tweet hinting that she is done with pro-wrestling for good. A fan later tagged her in a tweet, asking her to "take that statement back." It seems like the fan was referring to Jax's tweet about being done with wrestling.

Nia Jax told the fan not to worry. She further said that she would be "spilling gossip" with Renee Paquette in the near future. Check out the tweet below:

"Lol don’t worry, I’ll be chatting (spilling gossip) with @ReneePaquette eventually," wrote Nia Jax.
Lol don’t worry, I’ll be chatting (spilling gossip) with @ReneePaquette eventually 😜😘🥰…

Nia Jax would undoubtedly have a lot to spill

Nia Jax's tweet about eventually spilling the beans received quite a positive response from the fans, judging by their replies. Check out some of the reactions below:

@LinaFanene @ReneePaquette Gossip is going to be spilt so much they'll have to put up a wet floor sign.
@LinaFanene @ReneePaquette I’ll be listening! I love it!
@LinaFanene @ReneePaquette I need to hear about you slapping Flair back to reality. lol
@LinaFanene @ReneePaquette Can't wait for that interview.

Nia Jax will be remembered as one of the most controversial stars of the modern era. She garnered major heat from the WWE Universe for being reckless in the ring and hurting her opponents in the process. Furthermore, she has previously joked about it, which certainly didn't sit well with the fans.

She accidentally punched Becky Lynch on the road to Survivor Series 2018, leaving "The Man" a bloody mess. The moment has now become iconic, and many dub it as being a major reason why Lynch headlined WrestleMania.

Last year, Jax competed in a singles match against Kairi Sane, and the outing didn't end well for the latter. Nia was slammed for being unsafe towards Sane after the latter suffered a head injury during the bout.

Jax's WWE career was marred with controversy, and it remains to be seen what she has to say about the same. Are you excited to listen to Nia Jax's gossip in regards to her WWE stint?

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