"Better than I could ask for" - Record-breaking champion on his relationship with Vince McMahon

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon
WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon

R-Truth has revealed what his relationship is like with Vince McMahon.

During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc's Nick Hausman, the record 53-time WWE 24/7 Champion spoke about how Vince McMahon and WWE feel about him and everything he does outside of the wrestling industry:

“Vince supports me in everything I do. That’s one of the good things about it,” he admitted. “I’ve always had that support with them. Not just because of my tenure there, it’s just because they’ve always supported me in anything I’ve done. That’s like my home.”
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He added that he has a "real cool" relationship with Vince McMahon and even revealed that the WWE Chairman has helped him out personally in the past:

“Me and Vince are cool. I miss those, we call them, ‘handshake tours’ to visit the troops overseas way before COVID,” Truth said. “We have a real cool relationship. I see Vince in sweats sometimes, sweatpants. Yeah, he’s the boss. He’s one of the coolest guys. I’m laughing when he makes me laugh. He loves being entertained. He’s cool. Vince has helped me out personally before too. Our relationship, man, is better than I could ask for.”

R-Truth on the advice that Vince McMahon gave him

R-Truth appreciation tweet. This man has damn near done it all in WWE and it’s barely acknowledged. 2 titles away from a grand slam. I really want to see him win the IC championship & WWE Championship (should’ve won it in 2012, IMO) before he ever decides to retire.

A former 2-time United States Champion, R-Truth is a veteran in WWE. He also has a good bonding with his boss which he has mentioned previously on many occasions.

Earlier this year, he stated how his on-screen character is very similar to who he is in real life. Truth also added the 3-word advice Vince McMahon gave him - "Just be yourself":

"My greatest gift is making people feel good. That's a natural aura, that's what I naturally do. You see a lot of Ron Killings in R-Truth. Vince McMahon always tells me, 'Just be yourself.' I know myself and I know my character. I've soaked up a lot from my time in the business and from my peers. And what people are watching right now is a combination of all my years and lessons. I'm so grateful I get to be me in WWE," said R-Truth.

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