"I really don’t even drink" - WWE star Reggie admits that he does not consume alcohol (Exclusive)

Reggie talked about his drinking habits in the interview
Reggie talked about his drinking habits in the interview

In an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, WWE Superstar Reggie said that he is someone who hasn’t touched any sort of alcohol yet. He went on to reveal that he is someone who is strictly against alcohol consumption.

The former WWE 24/7 Champion has made quite a name for himself in WWE over the past few months. Reggie is mostly known for his incredible athletic abilities and has dazzled the WWE Universe with his skills.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling, Reggie had the following to say:

“So I’m gonna go ahead and say this right now so I was a sommelier and I actually do not drink."

The former champion went on to mention that people have previously asked him for alcohol suggestions. For instance, Reggie has been asked which wine goes well with certain pasta.

Reggie hilariously claimed that he answers these questions by Googling the answers, as he is someone who isn't a fan of alcohol or any sort of wine.

“I don’t drink at all and so people ask me all the time, 'Hey, what wine goes with a good white pasta?' I’m like let me google that really quick cause I really don’t even drink,” revealed Reggie.

Lastly, Reggie said that he is also fluent in speaking French. However, despite that, he still chooses not to drink wine.

“But I do speak French and all those things everything else was real but I don’t even drink wine,” stated Reggie.

Reggie has impressed the WWE Universe in recent months

After signing with WWE in 2020, Reggie formed an alliance with Carmella and helped her in a feud against Sasha Banks.

Reggie then joined Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. But eventually, the two-woman duo turned their backs on Reggie.

On the 19th of July, in an episode of RAW, Reggie won the WWE 24/7 Championship by defeating Akira Tozawa.

Reggie was the WWE 24/7 Champion until he lost to Drake Maverick on the 8th of November. But eventually the title found its way back to Reggie within a minute because of a series of rapid title changes.

However, last night on RAW once again saw a new champion, with the 24/7 title falling into the hands of Dana Brooke.

Edited by Genci Papraniku
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