Vince McMahon wanted ex-WWE stars to dress like Hugh Hefner

Vince McMahon; Playboy founder Hugh Hefner
Vince McMahon; Playboy founder Hugh Hefner

Former WWE stars Epico and Primo, The Colons, have opened up about a gimmick idea that Vince McMahon had for them, which almost made them throw up.

While speaking on the That’s 90s Wrestling Podcast, the duo said that McMahon wanted them to be the "Puerto Rican Playboys," where they had ring gear that resembled what Playboy founder Hugh Hefner would wear meshed with the one Goldust used.

“One of the many times we got heat, they came up with this gimmick. We were supposed to be the Puerto Rican Playboys. We’re in the office and Vince goes, ‘Yeah you guys are good-looking. You’re Puerto Rican, I want you guys to dress like Hugh Hefner.’ It was like a mix of Hugh Hefner and Goldust. ‘You’re gonna wear black and gold.’
"Me and Primo looked, we almost threw up right there. ‘Here’s your gimmick,’ they had gear and everything. We had the black and gold robe like Hugh Hefner. And we were gonna be in Goldust’s color scheme. ‘Oh god please,'” said Epico Colon. (H/T SeScoops)

Luckily for The Colons, Vince McMahon decided to scrap the gimmick just two hours before a show as he thought it might not be appropriate for television.

The Colons' run in WWE

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Real-life cousins Primo and Epico Colon began their WWE journey back in 2011 and had a nine-year run as a tag team. Primo Colon started his WWE career in 2007, while Epico started in 2010.

The duo wrestled under a mask as Los Matadores and followed it by reusing their former gimmick as The Shining Stars. In their last few years in WWE, they wrestled as The Colons before being let go by the company last year as part of their COVID-19 budget cuts.

Primo won the WWE Tag Team Championship twice, once with Carlito and the other with Epico.

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