Stephanie McMahon removed former WWE Superstar from a title match after he tore up a script

Stephanie McMahon is WWE's Chief Brand Officer
Stephanie McMahon is WWE's Chief Brand Officer
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Former WWE Superstar Sabu recently recalled how Stephanie McMahon was responsible for his last-minute omission from the Elimination Chamber match at ECW December to Dismember.

Stephanie McMahon asked Sabu to read a three-page script at a television taping before the pay-per-view in December 2006. The ECW legend tore up the script and walked away because he thought that was something his character would do.

Speaking in a Title Match Wrestling video, Sabu recalled how Stephanie McMahon wanted him to read the script again.

“They didn’t try to cater to me at all," Sabu said. "They just treated me like I was another guy....Stephanie McMahon, she wasn’t taking no for an answer. She either took no for an answer or she got rid of it [the problem]. I was supposed to be in an Elimination Chamber match that Sunday. They had me do an angle where I hurt my arm, and they took me out of it."

Sabu added that he could barely read the script, let alone memorize it. He was ultimately removed from the Elimination Chamber match on the day of the show and replaced by Hardcore Holly.

Stephanie McMahon thought Sabu was uncooperative

the fact that Cena and Sabu had a full on feud and PPV match amazes me #wwecw

Bobby Lashley defeated The Big Show, Test, Rob Van Dam, Hardcore Holly and CM Punk to win the ECW World Championship at December to Dismember.

Although Stephanie McMahon removed him from the match, the ECW legend noted that some fans still believe he decided to no-show the event.

“I had a guy the other day say, ‘Hey, remember that time in WWE when you no-showed? What happened?’" Sabu continued. "He goes, ‘Yeah, I bought the DVD and you’re on the cover, but you’re not nowhere in it.’ Because I wouldn’t cut that promo, Stephanie McMahon took me out of it."

WWE announced during December to Dismember that Sabu could not compete due to an injury he suffered backstage. The injury footage was filmed a week before the event, but Sabu did not realize at the time that it would be used to write him out of the match.

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