"This guy's an idiot" - Former Intercontinental Champion refused to sell for CM Punk in WWE

CM Punk worked for WWE between 2005 and 2014
CM Punk worked for WWE between 2005 and 2014
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Sabu recently claimed that Test refused to cooperate with CM Punk during their time together in WWE.

In late 2006, Punk briefly feuded with Test on WWE’s revamped ECW brand. Sabu, who also worked for the company at the time, often traveled with the current AEW wrestler. Both men had issues with Test due to the six-foot-seven superstar’s reluctance to receive offense from smaller opponents.

Speaking to PTM’s Vinny Vegas, Sabu recalled how Test once rejected an idea that Punk had for their match:

“One time we were somewhere and me and CM Punk and him were in a match. CM goes, ‘I’ll do this to you.’ And he goes, ‘No.’ He goes, ‘Why not?’ Test goes, ‘Because I’m six-seven and you’re not.’ Me and Punk looked at each other and started laughing. ‘Well, this guy’s an idiot.’”
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CM Punk and Test’s only televised singles match against each other ended in a double count-out on the November 28, 2006 episode of WWE ECW.

Sabu had a problem with Test’s in-ring work in WWE

One of the first pro wrestlers that taught me and educated me about pro wrestling was Andrew Martin aka Test. Grateful for that.

Test used the big boot as one of his finishers in WWE. He often landed the move on his opponents as they ran toward him, leaving little room for error.

Although Sabu allegedly suffered injuries after receiving the move, Test refused to change the way he performed:

“His finish was a big boot to the face," said Sabu. "Now, yes, he did that to me. Every time he hit me he knocked me out with it. I said, ‘If you can’t work that, you can’t use it.’ He said, ‘No, Vince [McMahon] wants me to use it. He told me to kill you with it.’”

Test, real name Andrew Martin, passed away at the age of 33 in 2009 following an accidental overdose of the prescription pain medication oxycodone.

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