Grayson Waller defeats rising WWE NXT Superstar

WWE NXT Superstar, Grayson Waller
WWE NXT Superstar, Grayson Waller
Hazel Pagador

The latest episode of WWE NXT saw Grayson Waller defeat Wes Lee after an assist from someone in the crowd.

Wes Lee has become one of the rising stars of the developmental brand since its rebranding. After losing his match against Trick Williams during NXT: The Great American Bash, it looks like the duo have not moved on from their feud just yet.

On the July 26 episode of WWE's NXT, Lee was in a singles match against Grayson Waller. The match started with both superstars in a headlock, Grayson with the upper hand after they exchanged shots. However, Lee came back and got two nearfalls.

.@WesLee_WWE may be focused on @GraysonWWE right now... but he can't forget about @_trickwilliams! #WWENXT

After the show returned from commercials, Wes Lee delivered a fury of punches to his opponent. He went on top of the turnbuckle but was pushed off by Waller, Lee landing outside the ring.

Just when it seemed like he was gaining the upper hand, a hooded member of the audience came out and hit Lee from behind, which turned out to be Trick Williams. This resulted in Lee going down again. However, just as the referee was about to count him out, he was able to get back inside the ring.

Grayson Waller picked up the victory over the NXT Superstar after he connected his finisher to his opponent.

What do you think about the brewing feud between Wes Lee and Trick Williams? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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