WWE official throws 'X' symbol during a current champion's match at recent event

WWE ring
NXT Stand and Deliver's card was updated quite a bit this week.

A WWE official threw the "X" signal during NXT North American Champion Oba Femi's match against Joe Gacy this week.

Since Schism broke up, Gacy has been floundering around the NXT roster, looking for a reason to continue. For a while, he feuded with Dijak. However, last week on WWE NXT, Gacy inserted himself into Shawn Spears' match against Dijak, but instead of costing him the match, he helped him out.

Tonight on WWE NXT, Gacy had a huge opportunity as he was set to go one-on-one against Oba Femi. Before the match could begin, Spears assaulted Gacy from behind with a steel chair while Gacy was making his entrance. Despite the assault, Gacy continued in his match against Oba Femi.

Gacy tried his best to fight against the NXT North American Champion. However, Femi was just throwing him around the ring. During the match, he hit the Snake Eyes in the corner and then slammed Gacy to the mat.

The referee checked on Gacy, then threw his hands up and gave the infamous "X" symbol, which is usually used to signal a legitimate injury. The bell then rang, and victory was awarded to Femi.

We will have to wait and see how severe Joe Gacy's injury is. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the updates.

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