WWE plans on creating a brand new faction on RAW

WWE have already started working on this plan
WWE have already started working on this plan

Several legendary factions have graced the history of WWE over the years. The promotion is once again working towards creating a new faction, this time on RAW. As or the reports, WWE are planning to develop a huge faction led by MVP on the Red brand and a few interesting names could join this group in the coming weeks.

On the last episode of RAW, we saw MVP offer his help to the United States Champion Apollo Crews. Although Crews denied taking MVP's help, he went on to use the ropes to pick a victory over Shelton Benjamin -- a move that indicates towards a possible heel turn for the WWE Superstar. He also took to Twitter and posted a picture of his interaction with MVP, which further added to the speculations about him aligning with the veteran of the business in the coming weeks.

The same episode also saw MVP extend a helping hand towards Shelton Benjamin and the latter was spotted pondering over the offer. It is highly possible that both him and Crews will soon have MVP guiding them on RAW.

In an exclusive report by Paul Davis, the journalist reported about WWE's backstage plans with respect to MVP building a stable. He also stated that MVP has been pushing for Benjamin being utilized more on WWE RAW. He previously reported about Crews' plausible heel turn, which seems to be the plan now.

Further reports also suggest that WWE Superstars Richochet and Cedric Alexander could also join the faction. Although they have been absent from WWE television, both Superstars formed a tag team earlier and displayed great chemistry inside the ring. It appears that MVP is using everything in his power to push for these names and we might soon see them all come together at some point.

MVP's role in Bobbly Lashley's push for WWE Championship

The reason why the reports about MVP leading a faction makes for an interesting prospect is his recent work with Bobby Lashley. The latter found himself in the WWE title picture, a push that he has deserved for a very long time. Finally, Lashley was booked in a compelling storyline and he definitely delivered in his match against Drew McIntyre.

Even though Lashley could not take away the WWE Championship from McIntyre, their match at Backlash 2020 led to the WWE Universe accepting him as a credible contender. Needless to say, there were many who said that they would like to see him challenge Drew McIntyre for the title once again.

It is safe to assume that MVP can work similar magic with the likes of Apollo Crews, Shelton Benjamin, Ricochet, and Cedric Alexander. These are some of the most promising names o the WWE roster and deserve a shot at proving their worth inside the square circle. In addition, this will most likely be a heel faction that will further allow the creative to explore the potential of these Superstars in the coming months.

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