"I wish I was good at that stuff" - WWE RAW star on Conor McGregor

MMA icon Conor McGregor knows how to market himself
MMA icon Conor McGregor knows how to market himself

WWE RAW star Riddle hopes to be as good as Conor McGregor at marketing himself to his audience and making a lot of money.

On this week's After The Bell, Riddle was asked what he thinks of the combat sports world right now and how celebrities have been competing in boxing matches. Riddle believes many of these celebrities are intelligent businessmen who can maximize their fanbase to make money.

He cited the example of MMA legend Conor McGregor and his expertise in marketing himself. Riddle wishes to be as good as Conor when it comes to personal branding:

"They're smart. We can all say, 'They're stupid, they're buying all this jewelry, this, that, whatever.' Dude, they're rich, they're making great moves, they're always the talk of the town and that's that. You can't really... it's like Conor McGregor, I want to talk trash on him sometimes, but it's like the guy is really good and he's got his whiskey and he's so good at marketing himself, everything is just so good that, what can I do? I wish I was good at that stuff," said Riddle.


The WWE RAW Tag Team Champion doesn't like the disrespect shown by these celebrities before their fights but states that they smartly do it to grab the audience's attention.

Riddle was an MMA fighter before coming to WWE

10 years ago today in the UFC I was dropping elbows on faces and 10 years later Iā€™m doing the same but in the WWE, once a stallion always a stallion bro šŸ¤™

Riddle entered the MMA world after competing in The Ultimate Fighter reality show back in 2008 and had a five-year career in the UFC. In 2013, UFC released Riddle after failing their drug test for the second time in a year. He has an 8-3 record in MMA, with his last bout coming in 2014 under Titan FC.

He then began his pro wrestling journey, training to be a pro wrestler in 2014 and competing in the indies for a few years before joining WWE in 2018.

I got the greatest birthday gift of all today, maybe 9 years late but still an amazing gift and one more thing my record is 10-3 bro

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