"You have to stir the pot" - WWE Referee reveals possible meaning behind Undertaker's "soft" comments

Modified 28 Feb 2021

Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas has opened up on what he believes The Undertaker could have meant by his "soft" comments when speaking of the WWE roster. Specifically, Korderas believes there may have been a hidden meaning behind The Deadman's words.

During his appearance on The Wrestling INC Daily Podcast, the veteran WWE referee was quizzed on his thoughts on the comments Undertaker made when he was a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Interestingly, Korderas floated the possibility that Taker's words weren't as black and white as many are making out, and that the former WWE Champion may have been trying to light a fire in those on the current WWE roster.

Here's what Korderas had to say:

“I don’t know if it’s going to tamper with his legacy or not, but maybe he’s just trying to fire up the guys, fire up the troops.” “Maybe it’s his way of lighting that little fire to get guys motivated. I’ve seen it before, even back in the day, sometimes guys get complacent with their positioning and replacement, and they’re okay with just going along with things."
“Sometimes you have to stir the pot a little bit, let’s put it that way. Not only with other talent but with management. Hey, I know people talk about Vince in this way, but sometimes it’s okay to go to Vince and say, ‘Hey Vince, I got an idea. How about this?’ Maybe that’s what he’s trying to do. Maybe he’s just trying to light a fire under the boys and girls.” - WrestlingINC.

Jimmy Korderas says the WWE locker room could have changed since he left the company

A WWE veteran of 22 years, Jimmy Korderas will undoubtedly know a thing or two about how things work in the WWE locker room. However, Korderas made it clear that things may have changed behind the scenes in WWE since he left the company and that this is what The Undertaker could have been referencing:

“I fully respect The Undertaker and his opinion. I can’t speak to it because I’m not there now. I’m not in the locker room. I don’t see it anymore. So I don’t know what the changes are from back when I was there."

What do you make of Jimmy Korderas' assessment of The Undertaker's comments? Let us know below.

Published 28 Feb 2021
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