WWE rejected a plan to make Booker T the manager of a Superstar (Exclusive)

Booker T.
Booker T.

It's a known fact that several ideas never quite make it to TV in the WWE. Superstars pitch countless creative plans to the management, and only a handful of them get approved.

On the latest installment of SK Wrestling's Off The SKript with former WWE Superstar JTG and Dr. Chris Featherstone, the former Cryme Tyme member revealed details of an exciting pitch he made to the WWE.

After Cryme Tyme disbanded, JTG spent four years in the WWE trying to make it big as a singles competitor. During this phase, JTG pitched many ideas to WWE Creative, and one of them involved Booker T.

The plan was inspired by the plot of Rocky 5, wherein JTG would have been taken under Booker T's wing. JTG liked the idea of getting managed by Booker T as they both had similar stories. Booker T also rose through the ranks as a tag team wrestler before taking his career to the next level as a solo performer. JTG wanted to replicate Booker T's exploits, and getting the Hall of Famer as his manager would have been an ideal move.

"I pitched the muppet idea. I pitched the Rocky 5 idea. Was it Rocky 5? With Booker T, where he takes me under his wing because we had the same similar roots. You know, they were in a tag team, and now they single."


That would have been amazing. I loved that idea: JTG on the pitch that WWE rejected


JTG's pitch involved Booker T being his mentor, who helps him get to the required standards of being a top singles Superstar. The storyline would have reached a point where JTG would stop listening to Booker T and eventually turn on the legend. Sadly for JTG, the idea was turned down by WWE.

"And you know, he takes me under his wing, and then he gets me to a certain caliber. And then I want to do it on my own, and then he'd be like, 'You've got to listen to me,' and I'll turn on him. I pitched that idea. That would have been amazing. I loved that idea. That's my favorite one."

JTG revealed several other storyline ideas he pitched to the WWE during the ongoing series with Dr. Chris Featherstone, titled SK Wrestling's Off The SKript.

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