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WWE Star Chelsea Green comments on being gifted the Canadian Destroyer by Petey Williams

Chelsea Green
Chelsea Green
Zain Jafri
Modified 15 Feb 2021

Chelsea Green is currently a part of the WWE SmackDown roster and is one of the most promising future prospects of WWE at only 29 years. She made her name outside of WWE before coming to the Performance Center, where she was prepped for NXT.

One of the things that Green takes pride in is that she has a 'unique' maneuver in her move-set. It was passed down to her by legend of the sport and fellow canadian, Petey Williams.

Petey Williams, the innovator for the Canadian Destroyer, has gone on record to officially pass down the move to WWE Star Chelsea Green.

In a recent interview with Spencer Love of Love Wrestling, Green commented on being gifted the move by Petey Williams. The star also commented on the use of the Canadian Destroyer in wrestling nowadays.

"I remember on the podcast, that was like a big moment for me. Like 'Did he [Petey Williams] just give it to me?' It's kinda unfortunate that this move that was so cool, and that I almost won All In with, is now just kind of a 'Thing'. Just kind of another move and hopefully it goes away. Wrestling happens like that . . . Wrestling moves happen; they happen in waves. And maybe we'll ride this Canadian Destroyer wave, and then everybody will get off it and then it will become unique again. Who knows? But everyone just remember that I'm the only one that's allowed [to use the Canadian Destroyer], okay?"

The Canadian Destroyer had been banned from WWE for a long time due to the move being hard to hit safely. The move is, in a manner, similar to a Piledriver. Both moves result in the opponents being spiked on their heads, which is extremely risky.

However, WWE has loosened their leash on both of these moves recently as there have been wrestlers who are able to execute these moves to perfection. Apart from Chelsea Green, Adam Cole also uses the Panama Sunrise (a variation of the Canadian Destroyer) as his finisher as well.

Chelsea Green has been inactive since her call-up to the WWE main roster

Chelsea Green on WWE SmackDown
Chelsea Green on WWE SmackDown

After wrestling for almost two years in NXT, Green was called up to the WWE main roster last year. However, due to a change in decisions, she wasn't able to make her debut on WWE RAW.

She was kept out of T.V. for a while before showing up on WWE SmackDown in a Survivor Series qualifying match. The plans were for Green to win the match, but Green broke her wrist during the bout causing the winner to be changed.

Chelsea Green is currently inactive and hasn't been seen on WWE TV. since her debut on SmackDown. However, she is expected to return very soon.

Published 15 Feb 2021, 00:15 IST
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