WWE star says real-life partner slid into her DMs, reveals they stalked each other online before dating

A WWE star commented after getting married recently.
A WWE star recently commented after getting married. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

WWE has several couples made up of two professional wrestlers whose love stories blossomed in the business. However, this wasn't the case for Sonya Deville, who recently revealed how she met her wife, Toni Cassano.

Deville, aka Daria Berenato, is proudly the first openly gay female superstar to perform in the WWE. She tied the knot with her partner in February earlier this year. Sonya recently made her long-awaited WWE TV return on RAW and sat down for an interview with Chris Van Vliet, during which she revealed how she got into a relationship with Toni.

Deville began by bluntly stating that her wife initially slid into her DMs. The former NXT star thankfully went into detail and admitted that they stalked each other's profiles for a long time.

"She slid in my DMs. Yeah, it works. Well, okay, I'll give you the full story. She'll kill me if I just say that. But she was following me for a while. So I followed her back. And, you know, we'd stalked each other's page as us millennials do. And, yeah, I always thought she was like, dream, like goals, like, just everything I wanted in a future wife, but she was in a prior relationship, and so was I, and we were respectful." [H/T Chris Van Vliet]

There came a phase when both Deville and Cassano were single, and the latter decided to shoot her shot by sending a message to the WWE Superstar.

Sonya Deville hilariously claimed that even the algorithm wanted her to see Toni Cassano, a fitness model by trade. As expected, the initial few exchanges between the two were a little awkward, as Sonya recalled:

"Then we both got single. And she said, Hey, and of course, I saw it because I stalked her page and then popped up in my little primary folder because the algorithm knew that I wanted to see that. And I was like, Oh, she's just saying hey, like, she want to just ask me a random question. And I was like, Hey, what's up?" [H/T Chris Van Vliet]

WWE star Sonya Deville shares more details of her first conversation with wife, Toni Cassano

The former WWE Women's Tag Team Champion was coming off a relationship, but Toni Cassano had not been single for a while.

Toni might have found initiating a conversation with Sonya Deville confusing, but the WWE star made their exchanges easier by asking her where she lived.

One thing led to another, and before they knew it, Sonya Deville had planned to meet Cassano on what would be their first date. As Deville recalled, the rest was history:

"She was like, I haven't done this in a while. Haven't been single in a while, like something, implying she was newly single. And I was like, Oh, now I was like, Where do you live? Do you come from the northeast? And she's like, Yeah, and I was like, awesome. I have a show in Albany, New York. Come, I'll get you tickets. And I'll take you to dinner after. And the rest is history."

Sonya Deville is back in the WWE, and considering she missed a lot of time due to injury, the 30-year-old superstar is looking to climb the ranks again and be a big name in the women's division.